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Care Veterinary Services

7119 State Rd
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What to expect with your visit at Care Veterinary Services



White Cat with StethoscopeCall when you arrive in the parking lot to allow us to navigate the pets in the lobby.

Once we have your room ready, we will escort you and your pet through the lobby where we have a convenient Over the Counter Product display with a variety of pet products. We also have a coffee and water station with delicious coffee, creamer, and sugar. Help yourself or ask a staff member to brew you a cup.

When we enter the exam room the receptionist will get your pet’s weight. We do ask for owners to assist in getting their pet’s weight.

We will check for any updates in your address, phone number, and email, offer a quick reference guide for what your visit with us will entail. This helps you to formulate any questions you may have about your pet’s health.

Our technician will then come into the exam room and get a brief history of what your concerns are and what your pet’s symptoms or habits are.

 Our Doctor will be in after the technician to perform a full exam and give a diagnosis of her findings.

Our technician will wrap up the appointment with a detailed overview of any medications or Dr recommendations. We welcome and encourage all questions and discussions of your pet’s health! We take client education seriously and want you to always feel supported in your decisions on your beloved pet’s health.

Our technician will walk you up front and offer to have your pet wait in the car while you are checked out. We will offer coffee or water while you wait to proceed through checking out.

The receptionist will ask if you have any prevention needs or have glanced at the Over the Counter display for any further needed items such as ear cleaners, shampoos, joint supplements, dental supplements, treats, bandanas, koozies, or coffee mugs. They will schedule any upcoming appointments first, then proceed to collecting payment. We offer financing options such as Care Credit and Scratch Pay. We also and accept all major credit cards.

We love our clients and their pets! We love to hear how we are doing and ask for you to review you experience on our Google and FB page! If you need assistance with leaving a review - ask a receptionist who is excited to help!