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Pet Surgery


Cat getting examWhy Might a Pet Need Surgery?

There are a number of reasons why a pet might need surgery. Sometimes, pets suffer a serious injury that requires surgical correction. This might include a ligament or tendon tear. This could even include a broken bone that might be displaced. In some cases, pets have a serious illness that requires surgery. Sometimes, this takes the form of a tumor that might be growing inside of a pet's body or s blockage in the intestines. A trained vet surgeon can remove this tumor or cause of the blockage and help the pet recover. These are only a few of the many reasons why a pet might need surgery.


What Happens During Pet Surgery?

A veterinarian will begin by explaining the procedure, covering why it is necessary and what to expect. Our vet will take the time to answer any questions pet owners have about the procedure. Once a pet is taken into an operating room, his vitals will be closely monitored as he is put under anesthesia and the operation is performed. Once the procedure is done, the pet will be taken to the recovery area and will wake up in a safe and calming environment.


Trust the Team at Care Veterinary Services in Millington

It can be scary for a pet owner to hear that his or her loved one might need surgery for an injury or illness. It is important for every pet owner to have access to a medical provider who can help with this situation. Our team at Care Veterinary Services is here to do exactly that. Our team works hard to stay up to date on the latest information in our field. We believe that continuing education is critical for making sure that pets receive appropriate medical care. We would be honored to do the same for you. To learn more about how we can help you and your family in Millington, call us today to schedule an appointment. We are here to help.