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Care Veterinary Services

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  • Associate Veterinarian
  • Groomers
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Receptionist

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Mission Statement for the Workplace

To hold ourselves individually and as a team to a continued improved level of standards of education and genuine caring for both clients, co-workers and our work atmosphere as a whole. Dedicated to both continued education and accountability of every task. Maintaining a great attitude and a higher level standard of striving for more daily.


Core Values

We believe the human-pet bond is based on unconditional love, and we work to strengthen that bond during the life of a pet. With our commitment, integrity, and compassion we will ensure each of our clients share in a fulfilling experience by upholding these core values.

Accountability - We act with integrity and professionalism towards our clients, each other and ourselves. We are accountable in providing the highest standards of excellent patient care and approach matters with honesty and transparency.  

Communication - We recognize that clear and effective communication is vital to making informed decisions for the best care of our clients.  We seek to promote an understanding between our management team and staff, ensuring a healthy work culture, as well as between the clinic, our clients and the community.    

Teamwork - We recognize that when team members compliment each other, their potential is greater than the sum of its parts. We work in a way that uplifts teammates and enables them to perform better, filling roles that are aligned and in tune with each other, so that everyone pulls in the same direction. We share the joys and trials of fellow team members and have fun as we work together to accomplish our goals. 

Respect & Empathy - To respect the lives, differing viewpoints and abilities of each of our clients and staff.  To be empathetic and understanding that not everyone is able to afford Gold Standard care for their pet and to never belittle or make others feel badly for doing the best that they can. We work together as a team with a foundation of compassion, kindness and trust. We also establish these values with our clients to build relationships and foster our family environment.

Development - We embrace the individual growth of our staff by providing training opportunities to educate and continuously improve one’s skills and knowledge. By valuing growth, we embrace new challenges, seek opportunities to learn and enhance our services, while educating our clients and the community. 

Passion - We care deeply about animals and those responsible for them. It is our honor and responsibility to surpass expectations to maintain and improve our clients' pets' health.